A team of like-minded, experienced professionals that have been in the marketing communications business longer than we care to remember.

Running a business day to day is a time consuming process. We can support you in all areas of marketing communications and help you grow your business.

Bloom Creative exists to help you achieve your goals, by making your business meaningful in a cluttered marketplace.


Our ethos is to create simple, beautifully crafted, on-point messaging, designed to elicit a response from your prospective target market. Whether it’s refreshing your corporate identity, creating a new ad campaign, or building your web site, we work with you, and for you to achieve your objectives.

Behind every great piece of communication is an idea – a hook upon which to hang the design. We firmly believe that one of our strengths is coming up with that idea. Invariably we will give you multiple options and variations for your consideration, and by fine tuning these together, we know you will love the work produced.


In our humble opinion, great design is what leads a strong idea to become an effective piece of communication. Put simply we believe it is the process where creativity and strategic thinking combine to deliver solutions, which are not just aesthetically pleasing, but functional.

At Bloom Creative effective design is the linchpin that holds our work together – innovative where appropriate, but always driven by results.


In a world where we are constantly bombarded by adverts and sales messages, making your product stand out from the crowd is a complicated process. We start with the view that the message has to get noticed and it has to mean something to your target market – it has to resonate. Making your audience feel good about your product and giving them a reason to buy is the crux of good communication.

Although it is a well-used adage, we firmly believe in ‘selling the sizzle, not the sausage’


For many customers, your web site may well be their first introduction to your company. To be effective, as well as good search engine ranking, it has to load quickly onto whichever device is being used, be simple to navigate, easy to understand and offer interesting and relevant content. In most cases ‘less is more’.

Bloom Creative will work with you to build and design an effective global shop front to your business, open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


In a digital age, print is not dead, particularly for anyone over 30! Where appropriate a simple door drop leaflet or inserted flyer can generate massive response. A promotional competition is a great way to interact with and collect data on existing and potential customers, and refreshing your sales brochure, or publishing a give-away guide are all effective tools to promote your brand.

The point is that as far as your company and your brand are concerned, all marketing options merit consideration. From the seed of an idea, we are here to help you nurture your marketing strategy, and make sales blossom. No wonder we’re called Bloom Creative!


We’re very proud of all the work we’ve done for our wide range of clients. Below are some key examples. We were pivotal in the campaign that supported the ‘Poppies’ at the Tower of London in 2014. We’ve created design collateral (including car wraps) for the Gumball 3000 Rally since 2006 and we’ve worked with the Experience Chamonix team since 2002 creating their annual guide books. Hover over the thumbnails below for more information.


If you would like a good old fashioned chin wag then please call Nick Bloom on 07973 793165 or, alternatively, if you prefer to communicate via wonders of the digital domain then use the contact form below. A member of the team will respond promptly.